About Us

Our objective is simple: to inspire and educate the next generation of forward thinking coaches and practitioners. We are here to support coaches on their journey with resources to aid their learning and professional development. Since 2013 we have worked with experts to create unique events on all things football (soccer for our American and Australian friends).

InspireCoachEd.com was formed in 2013 as an alternative form of coach education and CPD (continuous professional development). It was co-founded by Jed Davies and Jon Trew. Jed has gone on to author two superb books and now resides in Canada working in Youth Soccer. Jon has taken over the reins of InspireCoachEd.com and is working hard to put together resourceful content and plan for the future of inspirecoached.com.

Since the very first event in Bristol in 2013, we have organised 12 events which have been attended by coaches from around the world. Previous delegates have flown into the UK from Turkey, Iceland, Finland, Dubai, Ireland, Greece and even from Australia.

We’ve been privileged to have many expert presenters deliver masterclasses at our events, including: Dick Bate, Brian Ashton, ¬†Nick Levett, Matt Whitehouse, Tim Lees, Dan Abrahams, Louis Lancaster, Jed Davies, Ben Bartlett, Kieran Smith, Jonny Henderson, Tom Bates, Saul Isakkson-Hurst, Ian Dyer, Chris Hodgson, Mark Senior, Jazz Hervin, Albert Capellas, Andrew Sparkes, Michael Beale, Jennifer Lace, Willie Kirk, Martin Paul, Paul Bright, Kevin Nicholson, Ian Bateman, Allistair McCaw Camilla Henderson, Philippa McGregor, Sofie Kent Ryan, Claire Davidson, Louise Capicotto.

Since 2017 we have decided to focus our events and resources entirely online and we held our first ever Virtual Conference. We have since followed that up with our 2018 Virtual Conference, which was held online during the month of March.