A Games Based Approach

Nov 26, 2017
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Former professional footballer, now FFA A Licence Coach and Founder of The GAME PLAY LEARN Approach, Joey Peters advocates for evolving coaching methods from Instruction to Facilitation through a Games-Based Approach. Peters gives insight into her own learning journey from priding herself as one of Australia’s most ‘technically gifted’ players using isolated practice, to ‘imparting knowledge’ through instruction as she moved into the coaching profession. Her journey then took a massive turn when bursting the football bubble and researching wider learning principles and finding ‘The Gold in Games’. Joey shares three guiding principles to provide an engaging development experience for your players to bring the Games-based approach to life.

Learning Outcomes

  • The importance of our own Learning Journey as Coaches
  • The Aims of Facilitating a Games-Based Approach
  • Three guiding principles to bring out The Gold in Games: Skill Adapts, Facilitating Play, Strategy over Skill

February 25 @ 17:00


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Joey Peters

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Joey Peters

FFA A Licence coach

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