Futsal Is Not A Development Tool For Football

Nov 26, 2017
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About Presentation

The majority of football coaches in the country and indeed in the English speak World see futsal as a fantastic way to train football players. There is no denying that futsal has played an integral part of the development of some top world stars. We are yet to see any evidence of a player, who uses futsal as part of a football training programme, go on to become an elite player BECAUSE of the futsal element of their upbringing. That’s not to say it can’t play a part and my presentation will be about the ways we can implement futsal and get the biggest benefits of futsal in football academies and in grass roots teams.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to implement a futsal programme in a football team/club (winter or year-round
  • Key aspects of futsal and what exactly we should extract to benefit football players
  • How to develop intelligent players using futsal tactics and exercises

March 24 @ 17:00


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Damon Shaw

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Damon Shaw

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