Player Performance Management

Nov 26, 2017
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About Presentation

In my presentation I would want to explain the relationship between arousal and performance, and to give the coaches tools to manage these levels to match the different situations and their individual players. Bring them the knowledge so they are able to recognize signs of under-arousal (by example bad timing, sensitivity for external distractions, high level of passes that are not accurate) and over-arousal (panic reactions, shooting a ball just somewhere without a reason, early in the game fatigue or muscle problems, tunnel vision, playing the safe ball instead of the best ball) in their team and players and to provide them with quick and practical interventions to adjust these levels, so performance control can be executed. Basically actions that coaches can undertake in the preparation for a game to set the team up for reaching the right levels of arousal as well interventions coaches can make to adjust levels of arousal in individual players on the spot.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is the relationship between arousal and performance
  • How to recognize signs of under and/or over-arousal
  • Concrete instruments to manage arousal

March 25 @ 19:00


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Annemieke Griffin

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Annemieke Griffin

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