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Laura will explore the following on relative age effect in youth development:

  • What it is (over-representation of early-maturing kids on football talent development pathways).
  • Who does it affect (graphs and research on youth football, showing under-representation of Q4 players, but also the disadvantages to the Q1 kids).
  • How does it occur (I.e. how is it perpetuated by coaches, parents and the athletes themselves, how certain development structures can lead to an enhanced RAE within that context).
  • And then focus on the ‘so what’ for coaches (how it can influence selection, strategies to minimise impact).

 3 Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the Relative Age Effect.
  • Understand their role as coaches in perpetuating the effect.
  • Use this knowledge to guide future player selection and structures of pathways.

March 11 @ 17:00


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Laura Finnegan

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Laura Finnegan

Lecturer in Sport Management and Talent Development in Waterford I.T

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