About Presentation

The main objective of this presentation is to promote a reflection on the importance and relationship between training methodology and game idea. I believe that any training methodology needs to follow well defined guidelines and should be built according to the chosen Game Model profile. Small and Medium Sided Games are ways to build exercises to achieve certain outcomes in Game Model learning. How are they built? When should they be used? How can they be effective? These are some of the answers and reflections that this presentation should promote.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of the application of small and medium sided games in the construction of a game idea
  • Increase the ability to create more effective training exercises relative to the game model;
  • Reflect on how to build a training session progressively from small sided games to the 11v11

March 4 @ 18:00


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João Tralhão

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João Tralhão

Head Coach U19 Sport Lisboa e Benfica

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