The Psych-Social Model of Coaching

Jul 10, 2017
About the Presentation:

Historically, traditional models of coaching emphasise the X`s and O`s of coaching, or at best, adopt a four corner approach. Dan Abrahams`s Psych-Social Model of Coaching challenges coaches to view the key skills and core responsibilities within their coaching role and culture in a different, more holistic way. Delegates will learn the basics of this approach, and the underpinning reasons behind it.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn an alternative approach to coaching which you can apply immediately in your coaching culture
  • Understand the simple reasons behind emphasising the psych-social areas of coaching
  • Learn a couple of take home mental skills embedded in the model

July 30 @ 06:00



Dan Abrahams

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Dan Abrahams

Sport Psychologist + Consultant to England Rugby and Bournemouth FC

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