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Within the CPD the participants shall gain an understanding of the demand of futsal and the specific key roles and responsibilities in and out of possession for futsal. Providing a platform for coaches to review how this may influence the development of their players.

The aim of the in possession tactics is to create defensive imbalances and to create numerical superiority, therefore allowing opportunities for the players to create, exploit and maintain space with the ball. Contrasting to this, the focus of the out of possession tactics is to deny forward passing opportunities and to defend the key areas of the court, minimising goal scoring opportunities, yet promoting positive transitions upon regaining possession.

Basic tactical formations and principles shall be reviewed around the state of the game, Examples of tactics in possession (3-1 formation, 2-2 and 4-0). Additionally, understanding the demands of the game in relation to research and how this may help with understanding individual responsibilities.

All of the above topics shall have a contributing factor to the youth development phase. Providing players with continuously learning experiences, opportunities to further their game intelligence and decision making, whilst also understanding their roles and responsibilities  and the positive repercussions of their technical execution.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the key roles and responsibilities of players in and out of possession
  • Identify specific tactical systems used in the 3 areas of In Possession,  Out of possession and Transition (when, why, where, what, how)
  • Understand how the specific technical concepts within futsal, aid player development and influence players independent tactical execution

March 24 @ 18:00


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