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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



How do I access the content?

  1. Purchase a Delegate Pass
  2. Check Virtual Conference Schedule
  3. Login to Delegate Access Area to access the content
  4. Watch the presentations and panel discussions
  5. Visit our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook and join in the conversation
  6. Enjoy all the presentations and panel discussions on demand until 31st March 2019

What is a Virtual Conference?

A Virtual Conference is like a normal conference…except entirely online. This means you don’t have to worry about travel expenses, time and missing out on certain speakers.

We have put together 48 inspiring expert speakers and 11 discussion panels (4 inspiring panellists per discussion panel) to talk on different aspects of youth development. Insight from 92 experts and just over 19 hours of content in total!

Presentations and discussion panels will be released according to the Virtual Conference Schedule.

You will then have 12 months access on demand to all presentations and discussion panel videos.

Can Delegates participate and network?

Delegates can connect and get in touch with each other via our social media channels. We also encourage the sharing of knowledge and will start conversations by posting polls and interacting with Speakers and Delegates.

Facebook – Closed group for Delegates – You’ll receive a link after registering for your ‘Delegate Pass’

Twitter – Open forum for Delegates and Non Delegates

How will the content be delivered?

Presentations will be pre-recorded, released on our Delegates Access Area on the dates provided below and will be available to watch on demand until 31/03/19.

Discussion Panels will be live and then available to Delegates to watch on demand on our Delegates Access Area.

Just log on to the Delegates Access Area to watch presentations or follow the link to join the Live Discussion Panel. We’ll send you an email prior to remind you.

Virtual Conference Schedule

Content Release Dates (Released online from 5pm GMT)

Live Discussion panels will start at 9pm (GMT)

24/2/18 – Psychological aspects of youth development

25/2/18 – Technical aspects of youth development

3/3/18 – Social aspects of youth development

4/3/18 – Physical aspects of youth development

10/3/18 – Tactical aspects of youth development

11/3/18 – Talent Identification

17/3/18 – Goalkeeping

18/3/18 – Coach Development

24/3/18 – Futsal

25/3/18 – Performance

31/3/18 – Academy Coaching (Live Discussion Panel only)

What is the theme?

The theme is ‘Youth Development’ in football (or soccer). We have presentations based on the physical, psychological, social, technical, tactical, goalkeeping, futsal, talent identification, coach development and performance aspects of the beautiful game.

Who would benefit from access?

It’s aimed at professional or amateur coaches involved in youth development and academy coaching (primarily in the world of football/soccer, but of course, an opportunity from those involved in other sports to learn). If you are an experienced coach and would like to learn more from other coaches, or even if you are in the amateur game and would like to increase your knowledge in order to upskill. We promote and actively encourage independant Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

  • Academy Managers
  • Head of Academy coaching
  • Academy coaches
  • Youth development managers
  • Sports Psychologists
  • Performance coaches
  • University lecturers and students
  • Fitness coaches
  • Strength and conditioning coaches
  • Keen learners who would like to improve their knowledge on Youth Development

How long are the presentations?

InspireCoachEd.com was originally inspired by TED Talks and after feedback from our 2017 Virtual Conference, we will continue the 18 minute presentation concept. The consensus was that presentations were short enough for Delegates to watch in their spare time, informative and to the point.

How long are the discussion panels?

The live discussion panels will last for one hour and 4 panellists will take part. Each panellist will have a different question or topic that they’d like to discuss. There will be allocated time at the end for Q+A from delegates.

How long do I have to access the content?

You’ll have 12 months access. We really want you to watch the presentations immediately and get the most out of them rather than saying “I’ll watch it tomorrow”, “I’ll watch it next week”.

This way we can keep presentations innovative and fresh and keep the conversation relevant to the themes being discussed.

Access will last until 31/3/19.

How do I access the presentations?

First of all you’ll need to sign up for a ‘Delegate Pass’ via our Eventbrite page. You can then login via the Delegates Access Area which is located in the menu bar on this website. Alternatively, you can go straight to the log in page here

How much is it and what is included?

Visit our Eventbrite page here

*Prices don’t include the Eventbrite Fee

Delegate Pass (1 User) £80

  • Access for 1 user (until 31/03/19)
  • Access to the 48 presentations (On demand) and 11 Discussion Panels (Live + On demand)

Delegate Pass + Access to Content Library (1 User) £100

  • Access for 1 user (until 31/03/19)
  • Access to the 48 presentations (On demand) and 11 Discussion Panels (Live + On demand)
  • Exclusive access to content library of inspire events 2013-2016 + Interviews from 2017 (62 videos + over 42 hours of viewing time)

Virtual Conference Pass 2018 (1 User for 2 Virtual Conferences) £120

  • Access for 1 user
  • Youth Development Virtual Conference Delegate Pass (48 speakers + 11 discussion panels) (Access until 31/03/19)
  • High Performance Virtual Conference Delegate Pass (48 speakers + 11 discussion panels) (Access until 31/10/19)
  • Exclusive access to content library of inspire events 2013-2016 + Interviews from 2017 (62 videos + over 42 hours of viewing time)

Group rates available – contact jon@inspirecoached.com

Can’t I just purchase one Delegate Pass and share it with all my mates?

If we find that a User has been sharing their details for a lot of people to use, we will contact them directly and it could lead to their access being terminated and banned from any future events. Whilst we want the maximum amount of coaches to join in and view our content, we have overheads + event running costs and would like to make Virtual Conferences a regular fixture in the future.

Where can I purchase a delegates pass?

You can purchase a ‘Delegate Pass‘ via our Eventbrite page here

Can I read some testimonials from your 2017 Virtual Conference?

Of course you can, visit our testimonial page here

I still have some questions. How can I get in touch?

You can email us at jon@inspirecoached.com and we’d be happy to answer any further questions that you may have. Alternatively, tweet us @inspirecoached