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SPEAKER About Speaker Presentation Title Presentation Clip
Andrew Wiseman Sports Scientist/Physical Preparation Coach @celticfcwomen Developing The 24 hour Player: Going For Brilliance On The Basics Presentation Clip
Annemieke Griffin Performance Psychologist Player Performance Management Presentation Clip
Ben Marks Academy Performance Coach at Reading FC Being Solution Focused: Implications For Coaches And Applied Practitioners Working Within Academy Football Presentation Clip
Camilla Henderson Swindon Town FC Sport Psychology Program Manager Creating the Optimal Learning Environment – Experiences From A Professional Football Academy Environment Presentation Clip
Claire Davidson Performance psychologist at Notts County FC Not Just One Shirt Presentation Clip
Damon Shaw Futsal Manager Tranmere Rovers Futsal Is Not A Development Tool For Football Presentation Clip
Danny Searle UEFA ‘A’ License Coach Individual Player Development Presentation Clip
David Copeland-Smith Professional Skills Specialist How To Use Video Analysis For Technical Development Presentation Clip
Dr Matt Pain Sport Psychologist Positive Psychology and The 5C’s Presentation Clip
Dr Matt Slater Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology @StaffsUni Unlock Your Team’s Togetherness”: Understanding And Doing Social Identity Leadership Presentation Clip
Gerard Jones UEFA ‘A’ License Coach Operating In Your Own Genius Presentation Clip
Gobinder Singh Gill Lecturer in Sport Psychology Applied Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Practices Presentation Clip
Helen Nkwocha UEFA ‘A’ License Coach From Casual To Competent Presentation Clip
Hugo Langton UEFA ‘A’ licence coach Defending The Penalty Box Presentation Clip
Ian Dyer UEFA ‘A’ License Coach Train How You Play – Developing A Strong Training Culture Presentation Clip
James Barlow England Uni Sport Women’s Futsal National Head Coach Key Roles And Responsibilities With Youth Development Futsal And Their Influence On Tactical Formations Presentation Clip
Jed Davies Academy Coach With Parmar Sports + Author The Art Of Coaching Penetration Principles: Using Examples From Youth Academy And Professional Environments Presentation Clip
Jenna Halvorson Leadership and Character Development Coach Growing Your Influence Presentation Clip
João Tralhão Head Coach U19 Sport Lisboa e Benfica Small Sided Games and Medium Sided Games: Building a Game Idea Presentation Clip
Joao Pereira Associação Académica de Coimbra U16 Game Analysis And Training Modeling
Joey Peters FFA A Licence coach A Games Based Approach Presentation Clip
Judah Davies Tactical analyst @spielvercom Creating Tactical Principles For Youth Teams Presentation Clip
Kevin Paxton Elite Performance Consultant Implementing A Variety Of Physical Drills Across The LTAD Phases Presentation Clip
Laura Finnegan Lecturer in Sport Management and Talent Development in Waterford I.T “Relative Age Effect In Youth Football: The What? Who? How? And So What!” Presentation Clip
Louis Lancaster UEFA Pro License Holder The ‘Me’ In Team Presentation Clip
Louise Capicotto Assistant Academy Sport Psychologist at Leicester City Football Club Psychosocial Factors In Sports Injury Rehabilitation And Return To Play Presentation Clip
Matt Murray + Tony Elliott Interview Barnsley Academy Coach | UEFA ‘A’ Licence GK Holder Interview Presentation Clip
Megan Smith Surrey FA Youth Forum Mentor Understanding ‘Micro-political Literacy’ And How To Utilise The Hidden Leadership Skill Effectively To Enhance Career Progression Presentation Clip
Dr Mustafa Sarkar Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Nottingham Trent University Developing Resilience In Youth Sport: The Role Of The Environment Presentation Clip
Nicole Farley Futsal Level 3 Coach The Importance Of Establishing Creative Minds, Empowering Problem Solving And Decision Making With Links To Theory And Practice In Futsal Presentation Clip
Philippa McGregor Head of Human Science at Man City Academy The Emotional Roller-coaster Of Youth Development Football Presentation Clip
Reed Maltbie Host @TheCoachingCode and Educator Building Warrior Brains: How Coaches Use the Power Of Language To Develop Champion Traits Presentation Clip
Richard Allen Coach + Performance Analyst at Nottingham Forest Academy A Constraints Led Approach Presentation Clip
Ross Ballantyne Lead of academy GK Heart of Midlothian Creating A goalkeeping Development curriculum with goalkeeping principles of play Presentation Clip
Sara Hilton Lecturer of Football + Coaching Science Skill Acquisition In Youth Football Presentation Clip
Saul Isaksson-Hurst 1-2-1 Coaching Specialist Developing The Technical Base of Today for the Game Changers of Tomorrow Presentation Clip
Sofie Kent-Ryan Sport Psychologist Perceived Performance Pressures For Players Within Academy Football Presentation Clip
Steve Sallis Mental Conditioning Coach And Consultant To National Team The Real Science Behind Holistic Development Presentation Clip
Toby French Sport Specialist Career Professional Career Tactics For Coaches Presentation Clip
Tom Little Performance Coach Practical Lessons From Small Sided Games Conditioning Presentation Clip
Tony Mee Lead YD Phase Coach at DRFC Managing the Transition Through The Youth Development Phase Presentation Clip
Tony Strudwick Head of Performance | Manchester United Creating An Elite Talent Development Environment Presentation Clip
Vernon Griffith Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Staying Impactful With Athletes Presentation Clip
Willie McNab International Soccer Academy Manager & Youth Academy Coach @celticfc Incision Zone – Breaking Down The Opposition Presentation Clip

Membership Content

Speaker Name Presentation Title Duration
Ian Dyer The Use of Competition To Enhance Player Development 44 mins
Jonny Henderson Developing a Performance Playground 31 mins
Ian Dyer Developing Modern Day Attacking Players 61 mins
Chris Hodgson The Benefit Of Futsal For Youth Development 48 mins
Ian Dyer Developing Modern Day Attacking Players 61 mins
Jed Davies Altering The Positional Slots: The Bielsa Experiment Examined 47 mins
Jed Davies The New Zealand All Blacks: Lessons Of Leadership 49 mins
Matt Whitehouse The Way Forward 41 mins
Jed Davies Fresh Lenses: Learning The Game As Coaches 34 mins
Jed Davies The Role of Play-rounds and Switching of Play 53 mins
Kieran Smith Juego De Posicion: Explanation, Demonstration & Implementation 89 mins
Jazz Hervin Understanding; You – Challenge – The Journey to What You Dream of 20 mins
Paul Power The Maldini Effect: Quantifying Defensive Behaviour and Dynamic Interactions Between Players 50 mins
Allistair McCaw Coaching Success – 7 Keys to being a World Class Coach 47 mins
Albert Capellas Human Castles, Good Bases are the Key to Success 69 mins
Jed Davies Marcelo Bielsa: The Football Philosophy 50 mins
Mark Senior From the Streets to the Stadium 74 mins
Michael Jolley Leadership Case Study: Rudy Giluliani 39 mins
Ben Barlett Developing Creativity 55 mins
Gerard Jones Developing Decision Makers Through Communication 63 mins
Nick Levett Things You Might Need To Become An Expert Coach 40 mins
Ray Power Deliberate Practice In Football 44 mins
Jazz Hervin ATD (Attention to detail) : Creating Successful Working Environments 20 mins
Ceri Bowley Coaching Life Skills And Developing Resilience 51 mins
Ian Dyer How To Teach The Topic Of 1v1 52 mins
Ben Bartlett Youth Coach Philosophy 56 mins
Nick Levett Child Centred Approach And Some Considerations For The Future 45 mins
Dick Bate Youth Football And The Future Game 47 mins
Michael Beale Liverpool FC Philosophy on Managing Elite Players in the 17-21 Age Bracket. “Focusing on the individual” 55 mins
Kieran Smith Rondos: More than just “Keep Ball” 55 mins

Panel Discussions

Panellists Clip
Darren Smith | Programme Lead for Sports Coaching, Lecturer at UCFB Wembley, UEFA A License Coach
David Powderly | Academy Coach and Drone Operator
Tony Mee | Lead YD Phase Coach at DRFC
Leanne Hall | England Women youth GK coach, @BCLFC Assistant Manager & GK coach
Aaron Cameron | Lead Academy Goalkeeper Coach at Wigan Athletic
Stevie Grieve | Head of Coaching | Burlington Youth Soccer Club
Adin Osmanbasic | Football Coach, Strategist + Tactician
Eric Tenllado | Coach Development Manager at @THPFC
Nick Levett | Head of Talent and Performance for UK Coaching

Stuart Armstrong | Head of coaching – Sport England


Manraj Singh Sucha | Teacher + UEFA B Licence Coach

Dr Ceri Bowley | Lecturer in Sport Development & Coaching at @UniSouthWales

Shameema Yousuf | Psychologist Brighton + Hove Albion FC


Nick Grantham | Performance Enhancement Specialist

Andrew Wiseman | Sports Scientist at Celtic Women

Erica Suter | Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Ross Bennett | Head of Academy Sports Science at QPR F.C.


Jennifer Lace | Burnley FC Academy

Kim Blewett | Lead Sports Performance Coach (Psychology) @WBA.

David Charlton | Registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist

James Lambdon | HCPC Registered Sport Psychologist @teambath


Saul Isaksson-Hurst | 1-2-1 Coaching Specialist

Joe Smith | Technical Director GPS Oregon