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Virtual Conference 2017

Virtual Conference 2017 – Registration closed on 31st of October 2017 and access was for a limited time only to paying Delegates.

Speaker Presentation Title
Tony Strudwick Creating an Elite Talent Development Environment
Camilla Henderson Creating the Optimal Learning Environment
Ben Bartlett Playing to Win
Tom Bates Transformational Coaching & Deeper Practice; 5 Principles for The Modern Day Coach
Tony Elliott The Modern Goalkeeper – Transferrables from Futsal to Football
Gary Curneen Creating a Winning Culture
Saul Isakkson Hurst Developing The Technical Base Today For Our Game Changers Of Tomorrow
Manraj Singh Sucha Coaching Through Mindset and Emotional Intelligence
James Shan Teach The Detail: Don’t Miss A Moment
Allistair McCaw Become A Champion Minded Coach
Dan Abrahams The Psych-Social Model of Coaching
Ray Power Deliberate Soccer Practice – Defending
Nick Grantham I Don’t Care If You’re A 13 Year Old Superstar!: Creating An Athletic Legacy
Tim Lees Developing The Maverick
Andrew Wiseman Developing the 24 hour player: Going for Brilliance on the Basics
Steven Sallis The Real Social Science Behind Holistic Development
Frederico Morais Tactical Periodisation in Youth Development
Louis Lancaster The ‘Me’ In Team
Johnny McKinstry Develop the Person, Develop the Team
Jennifer Lace A U-turn On Mental Health
Ian Barker 5 Principles Of Attacking Play
Dr Matt Pain Positive Psychology And The 5C’s
Todd Beane Intelligent Training: Architecture of Total Development